Alert: 1-19-2018 (1)

The Crafton Police Department took a burglary report on Dinsmore Avenue where the victims home was entered and two flat panel televisions were taken. The victim reported a large quilt with green and white squares was also taken. The suspected actor may have used this quilt to cover the televisions while removing them from the residence. The suspected time of the burglary was between noon and 10:00 pm. While on scene, Officers were able to determine that entry was made through the rear door due to pry marks observed near the rear door handle. At this time, there are no witnesses or suspects. If you observed and suspicious activity or persons in the area yesterday 1-18-2018, please contact the Crafton Police Department at 412-921-2016.

Remember: If you notice and suspicious persons in the area, contact the Crafton Police Department immediately. An Officer will be dispatched and we will attempt to identify the suspicious actors.