Alert: 2-12-2017

The Crafton Police Department fielded two complaints from February 9, 2017 in which residents believe that they were the target of a phone scam.  One resident answered the phone in which the caller ID presented a phone number from Carnegie, PA.  The male voice on the other the end stated “Can you hear me now?”  This same type of scam was reported to the media by other residents in the Pittsburgh and Allegheny County areas.  Another resident reported that the phone call that they received tried to provoke them into answering questions with “yes.”  In both incidents for Crafton residents it is not believed that any information was obtained by the caller.  Residents are reminded that there are several different phone scams that arise all of the time.  It is in your best interest to not answer the phone call if you do not recognize the phone number.  Let the voice-mail pick up and check the message later.  If in doubt, check out the phone number by searching it on the internet and see if the number is linked with any scams.  You can always contact the Crafton PD for further assistance and concerns and an officer will be happy to help you.  Please share this information with your friends, and family, especially the senior population.

Another recent local scam that was reported to the news media also dealt with people receiving calls from the “Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office.”  The Sheriff’s Office will not call you to request payment for anything.  Neither will the IRS or any government or law enforcement agency.  If something is owed or there is warrant a representative from that agency will respond in person and never by phone.  Do not wire money, purchase gift cards and send them or give credit/debit card numbers or gift card numbers to anyone over the phone unless you are confident that they are who they say they are.  You can also make reports to the FCC on their website as well.

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