Alert: 2-3-2017

Residents are reminded not to give out their credit card numbers or other personal information over the phone. A resident reported that he received a phone call from a male who stated that he worked for Duquesne Light and that he owed money. The total amount due was extremely high and the resident was advised that a technician would be over in 30 minutes to shut off the electricity. A credit card number was requested and the resident was advised that the credit card machine was not working. The resident was advised to go to CVS and purchase pre-paid credit cards and send them in the mail. The resident did not purchase the pre-paid cards and cancelled their credit card.

The male caller was described as having an Indian accent. An officer spoke to the male caller who stated that he was not running a scam for Duquesne Light. The same officer called another number that the resident provided and the male hung up while speaking to the officer. Both males were advised to stop running their scam. The two numbers provided to the police department are 800-447-2070 and 516-805-5274. If you are ever in doubt, hang up the phone and call the company personally.

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