Alert: 7-27-2018

On 7-27-2018 Crafton PD took a report from a resident who reported that she has received a fraudulent phone call from who she believed to be the Busy Beaver Store in the Crafton-Ingram Shopping Center.  The resident observed that the phone number was one digit off from the actual phone number for the Busy Beaver located in town.  The resident also made the police department that a neighbor reported receiving a fraudulent phone call from a number believed to from the Dunn Insurance Agency.  No information was provided to the callers in either incident.

It appears that scammers are now using what appear to be local phone numbers from local businesses in order to obtain your information.  Please do NOT under any circumstance provide people on the phone with any of your pertinent information.  It is a good practice to have to end the phone conversation and call the company direct yourself to make sure that you are in fact speaking to a legit person/company.