CI Thrive

CI Thrive logoWhat is CI Thrive?

Crafton and Ingram officials worked together to obtain funding from the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development and Allegheny County. After a consultant selection process, the two boroughs voted to hire Pashek Associates, a local design and planning firm that leads the field in Implementable Planning. This plan will act as a roadmap for both communities, acknowledging them as separate municipalities with many shared qualities and connections.

C-I Thrive is being created not just by planners, but by all kinds of people in Crafton and Ingram who care about the future of their boroughs. This is a community plan for you; it’s a community project; anyone can get involved and help make an impact. The topics on the plan were not pre-determined, but discovered after focused information-gathering on what topics would be best for Crafton and Ingram. The final product will be completely unique to this process and the needs of Ingram and Crafton.

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