Alert: Saturday 9-19-15

Crafton PD took a report of a forced entry burglary on Saturday 9-19-2015 from W. Steuben St. near the West Busway line. Entry was made through a window by breaking it out and approximately 70 feet of copper pipe was removed from the residence. It is believed that the unknown actor(s) left through a rear door that was found to be unsecured. Any information/tips would be greatly appreciated. It is unknown when the house was actually burglarized as nobody had been there to check on it in some time.

Residents are reminded to make your residence or former residence (listed for sale) appear that it is lived in. This department has taken a few reports over the summer months of homes that were burglarized that were listed “for sale.” A couple suggestions would be to keep lights on a timer, mow the grass, have a neighbor periodically park their vehicle in the driveway. As always remain vigilant and contact 911 immediately if you observe someone or something suspicious.

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