Crime Watch Report for February 2017

Area 1- Coordinator- Katie Fazio
2-28-17. An attempted burglary was reported on S. Linwood Ave. near Ewing Rd. Entry was not made into the residence.

Area 2 – Sandy Gibson
2-07-17. A package was stolen from a porch on Noble Ave.
2-20-17. A GPS unit was stolen from an unlocked vehicle overnight on Lincoln Ave.

Area 3– Coordinator- Diane McQuaide
2-03-17. A resident from Crafton Blvd. fell victim to a phone scam from Duquesne Light. No money was taken.
2-13-17. A resident from the 1700 block of Crafton Blvd. also received a phone call from a Carnegie phone number asking “can you hear me now?”
2-19-17. An unlocked vehicle parked on Bell Ave. was rummaged through overnight and nothing was reported to have been stolen.
2-19-17. A basement window to an apartment building was noticed to be cracked 2 days ago and completely shattered on this date on Maplewood Ave.

Area 4- Coordinator- Vacant
2-07-17. A heavy piece of metal was reported stolen from a residence in the 1900 block of Crafton Blvd.
2-09-17. A suspicious phone call was received by a resident on Highland Ave. who was asked “Can you hear me now?”
2-28-17. A saw and pills were stolen from an unlocked vehicle in the 2200 block of Crafton Blvd.

Area 5- Coordinator- Mary Fleming
2-10-17. Sunglasses and loose change were stolen from a vehicle in the 1500 block of Barr Ave. It is unknown if the vehicle was locked or unlocked while parked overnight.
2-20-17. A ladder was reported stolen from a porch on this date on Rodgers Ave. It is unknown when it was actually stolen.
2-26-17. A black Chevy SUV struck a parked vehicle in the 800 block of Clearview Ave. and fled from the scene.

Area 6- Coordinator- Bill & Janet Finlay Jr.
2-03-17. Money was stolen from an apartment in the Crafton Towers.
2-09-17. A suspicious phone call was received by a resident on Thomas St. who was asked questions that the answer would be “yes.”
2-14-17 A vehicle was on Glenn St. was entered and a wallet containing money and cards were stolen.
2-15-17 Two vehicles on Afton Ave., three vehicles on Duncan Ave. and one vehicle on Maxwell St. were entered overnight. The vehicles were all left unlocked and were not damaged. All vehicles were rummaged through and there was only one report of loose change being stolen from one vehicle.
2-23-17. A cell phone was reported to have been stolen from an unlocked vehicle approximately a week and a half ago from the 100 block of W. Steuben St.

Crafton-Ingram Shopping Center
2-01-17. The drive thru ATM machine at the PNC Bank was damaged by an unknown individual

The police department has been taking several reports regarding vehicles being entered overnight. In all cases these vehicles have been left unlocked. RESIDENTS PLEASE LOCK YOUR VEHICLES. Do not leave yourself and your vehicle an easy target. Also, if feasible, leave exterior lights on overnight as a deterrent. With the warmer weather that we have been experiencing and the arrival of spring not too far off, please remember to secure your residence after opening up your windows and doors to get fresh air.

For the latest information please follow the Crafton Police Department on our Facebook page.