Crime Watch Report March 2018

Area 1- Coordinator- Katie Fazio
3-22-18. A resident from S. Linwood Ave. received a check for placing decals on his vehicle and was requested to deposit the check. The resident was advised to deposit the check, keep some of the money and send the rest back to the sender. SCAM
3-28-18. A S. Emily St. resident received a message from “Microsoft” in which they wished to access the resident’s computer “remotely.” This is a SCAM.

Area 2 – Sandy Gibson

Area 3– Coordinator- Diane McQuaide
3-16-18. A vehicle parked on Station St. was struck by an unknown vehicle overnight.
3-22-18. A resident from Elmwood St. communicated with a person on a social media site that requested an upfront fee of $1,000 in order to receive a $50,000 home improvement grant. SCAM

Area 4- Coordinator- Amy Buchman (acting)
3-31-18. It was reported on this date that a Parke St. residence was forcefully entered. It did not appear that anything was stolen however the house had been rummaged through. A white male with black hair was observed in the area earlier in the day however it is unknown if he was involved or not.

Area 5- Coordinator- Mary Fleming
3-01-18. A firearm was stolen from a vehicle on Lawson Ave. It is unknown when or where the firearm was stolen from.
3-05-18. Two tires were slashed overnight on a truck that was parked in the 200 block of Clearview Ave.

Area 6- Coordinator- Bill & Janet Finlay Jr.
3-15-18. A hit and run accident was reported near the Advance Auto Parts Store in which a Chevy S-10 pick-up truck slipped out of gear and crashed into another vehicle. The truck was described as being flat black with a blue cap, yellow hood scoop, black front rims and chrome rear rims. There were several Steelers stickers/decals on this truck. The pick-up truck was driven away by a white male approximately 60 years old, 6’00” weighing 230 pounds. He was bald and had his ear pierced. The driver was later located and charged accordingly.
3-29-18. A hit and run accident was reported near the Giant Eagle. The victim’s vehicle was struck by an unknown vehicle while inside of the store. The suspect vehicle lost a bug deflector during this incident.
Legitimate companies will not ask to access your computer “remotely.” Please do not provide anyone with the information on how to access your electronic devices “remotely.” Only let someone that you call and trust perform such a task. Also, do NOT cash any checks that someone sends to you and requests you in turn to send them money after the check has been deposited. This is a common scam.

Spring is here, officially by the calendar anyways. With the hopes of warmer weather ahead and increased hours of daylight, please remember to keep your doors, windows and vehicles locked when you are not home. The fresh spring air is a wonderful thing, however being the victim of a break-in to your house or vehicle stinks and you can help deter would-be thieves by keeping your assets secure. Be mindful of more children outside playing in the streets and parks as well. As always, remain vigilant and report anything suspicious to 911 immediately.