Crime Watch Report for November 2017

Area 1- Coordinator- Katie Fazio

Area 2 – Sandy Gibson
11-04-17. On this date it was reported that a television was stolen from an apartment on Noble Ave. It is unknown when the actual theft occurred.
11-18-17. A delivered package was stolen off of a front porch on Cross St.

Area 3– Coordinator- Diane McQuaide
11-10-17. A vehicle parked on White Ave. was rummaged through overnight.
11-23-17. A delivered package was stolen from the Bradford Court Apartment Complex. It was later determined that it was not stolen.
11-26-17. A parked vehicle on Bradford Ave. was struck by another vehicle that fled the scene causing minor damage. The vehicle was believed to be white in color.
11-29-17. At approximately 4:30 AM a resident from Elmwood Ave. reported that his dog was barking. Hours later the resident reported that a basement screen was pushed in at his residence. It is unknown if someone was trying to enter this residence.

Area 4- Coordinator- Vacant
11-17-17. An unoccupied mail truck was struck while it was parked on Parke St.

Area 5- Coordinator- Mary Fleming

Area 6- Coordinator- Bill & Janet Finlay Jr.
11-29-17. An elderly resident from the Crafton Towers received a phone call from a male with a foreign accent that stated he was from the federal government. He requested that the resident send $500 to him and that she would receive $9,000. This is a scam.


  • Remember to track any shipments that you are expecting to be delivered to your residence. If you do not plan on being home when the package is delivered, please take some other steps to ensure that your package is not stolen off of your front porch. Some examples are to leave a note for the delivery person to leave the package out of sight (perhaps a rear or side door), have a neighbor pick up your package, have the package shipped to your place of employment or request a signature when the package is delivered.
  • Remember to lock your vehicles and your residence to include windows when you leave them unattended. It is also a good habit to place any valuables such as Christmas gifts in the trunk or out of plain view to prevent thieves from targeting your vehicle and helping themselves to an early Christmas present.
  • The Police Department would also like to remind residents to leave lights on or set them on timers in the evening hours when you are not home due to the amount of daylight decreasing by the day. This along with other simple measures are great deterrents to would-be burglars. It is also recommended to bring any valuables inside your house or garage and not leave them out over night.
  • The Police Department is participating in the annual “Click it or Ticket Campaign.” Always wear your seatbelt and make sure that children are properly secured as well. You, the driver, are responsible for everyone in your vehicle. Contact the police department with any questions regarding the usage of seatbelts.
  • The Crafton Police Department would like to wish everyone a Happy and safe holiday season and best luck in the New Year!

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