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Crafton Park is located on West Steuben. The 10.73 acre park features a public swimming pool, playscape, three shelters which are available for rental, picnic tables, sand volleyball court, ball fields, bocci ball court and amphitheater. Shelter rental applications are available at the link below ; rental only available to Crafton residents. The Hoffman shelter can accommodate approx. 120+ people, has electric and the fee is $30 weekday and $60 weekend. The two smaller shelters, Broglie and Bogus, now have electricity, and can accommodate approx. 50 people and the fee is $20 weekday and $45 weekend.

Linwood Park , located on South Linwood Avenue , has facilities for young children and basketball court.

Noble Park , located on Noble Avenue , also has facilities for young children and basketball court.

Clearview Park is a wood chipped walking trail which runs parallel to Clearview Avenue from Clearview Extension to Crotzer Avenue .

Crafton Community Center was opened in the Spring of 1995, and is located at 140 Bradford Avenue , adjacent to the Crafton Municipal Building It houses the Library, Crafton Historical Society, Community meeting and banquet room, as well as the Edward A. Witt Council Chambers. The Community meeting room is available for use by the various youth groups, Senior Citizen programs and public rental. For use and rental information, contact the Borough’s Administrative office (application at link below)..


Crafton Park Shelter/Pavilion Rental Application

Crafton Community Center Rental Applicaton

 Crafton Recreational Development Plan (DCNR approval pending)

Crafton Recreational Development Plan Appendices 1 (DCNR approval pending)

Crafton Recreational Development Plan Appendix 5 & Background Data (DCNR approval Pending)