Shade Tree Commission

Microsoft Word - Shade Tree Committee - List of Approved Trees Approved List of Shade Trees:

Kwanzen Cherry
Choke Cherry
Shubert Cherry
Yoshino Crabapple Dogwood Fruit Trees
Dwarf and Semi-Dwarf Holly Hawthorne
Cockspur Hawthorne
Washington Hawthorne
Dotted Hawthorne
English Hawthorne
Crimson Cloud Hawthorn
Winter King Juniper Maple
Paperbark Maple
Ricky Mountain Glow Maple
Tatarian Maple
Trident Magnolia
Jane Magnolia
Saucer Magnolia
Star Plum,
Vesuvius Purple Plum
Newport Purple
Pear, Silver Frost Weeping
Japanese Tree Lilac, Ivory Silk*

* Denotes Shade Tree Committee’s preferred tree species.
Permit Applications for Shade Tree Removal,
Trimming, and Planting can be picked up in the

Borough Secretary’s Office or download here.